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hari nugroho : Hhhhhhooooooeeeeeeeeekkk
alex gonzalez : THE BEAST IS UNLEASHED
wasabibubble : says 9 year old....
Lloyd Sevigny : The "pop" or crowd reaction when Cena was expecting to see The Rock, and Lesnar came out was one of the loudest and most vicious I've ever seen or heard....and I've been into the WWF/WWE for over 30 years. No matter what anyone says or think about him as a person....BRRRROCK LESNAR IS THE TRUE BEAST INCARNATE !!
Duvall Cook : He's real all right, no steroids but legal growth hormones, but he should stop, British bulldog died from it
krag3r : Steroids
Niko Bellic : pless alt+f4 then talk!
punk93head : you fuck'n cena kid damn you